This is the Year to really make your voice heard. It is time to find the inner strength that gets shit done and that takes tender care of your soul.



This is the part of you that can and will complete what you love—what you hunger to create.


But how do you do this?

How do you create things when you’re weary, scattered and unfocused?

When your life feels unmanageable and the stress of this big world feels like to much?


FIERCE GRACE is my call of action for women craving to make their lives truly remarkable and full of purpose and grace.


The Fierce Grace Collective is a monthly membership that will help you explore yourr creativity, live with intention and grace, and find a deep connection to yourself and others through guided videos, printable resources, meditations, visualizations and live monthly calls. 



Throughout the year, we will explore what it takes to thrive and create in these challenging times.



  • Activate creativity in subtle and profound ways

  • Look at our priorities and see if they line up with our actions

  • Simplify and expand where needed

  • Anchor in with the technology of Kundalini Yoga

  • Look at what is getting in our way

  • Take ownership of how we choose to live

This collective is a group of women who will embark on a journey together each month, with guided resources, videos, meditations creative prompts, and monthly live calls.

We will anchor with the strength, beauty, magic and grace of the moon.

In the year of fierce grace we will  meet on the new moon 12 times, each month.

The new moon is one of the times when there is an opening for downloading information meant just for you. It's available to everyone and it connects us to the wisdom of women and the wisdom of  being a woman.

We will  set intentions and make them powerful.

Together, we will explore:

what we need + who we are,  

what we want to contribute + what we want to say.

And we are going to bring all of this into our lives.

My motto is simple and sincere. This is not abstract or confusing. It will be practical.

We will ground with a meditation because I believe adding a meditation practice to your life can radically change the quality of your life, even if you meditate for just three minutes a day.

We will be working on different areas of the body to create strength, openness, space and clarity.  

Your Creativity is available to you always. But it takes practice to access and use it in ways that serve you best. 

If you look at your creativity as your gift and your expression and how you share with the world, you will begin to see your creativity show up in new ways and places.

Whether you are a stay at home mom, a CEO, a teacher, a small-business owner,  a musician, an actor; whether you make things or you don't; whatever you do, you have something creative that comes through you and this is uniquely you.

If you're struggling to find that clarity, focus, stillness, peace or creative spark in your daily life - Fierce Grace is for you.