What women are saying:


"Carrie-Anne’s brilliant and clear instructions on the meditations felt empowering to me, and I began to make them a focus of my grounding each day. I was surprised at the ease with which creativity, ideas, and energy started pouring into my life. I love how Carrie-Anne described Kundalini Meditation as technology for our lives, because it truly is! Thank you deeply, Carrie-Anne for sharing this with us!"


“I wanted to say a BIG thank you for creating this course and being divinely you! It was perfecting timed for the impending birth of our fourth baby. Yesterday, just before the sun was rising I birthed [my baby] at home with much presence and grounding. He was born still in the caul. I believe the work you provided and meditations helped me enormously. Thank you."


"Wow ... ‘thank you’ does not even begin to cover how I feel. I am moved by the honesty and rawness [Carrie-Anne] shares with all of us. From this membership, I have been able to gain such clarity. I have always been a ‘yes’ person and have taken care of others; now I see the value of taking care of myself and I have been able to make room for my fear but not let it take the drivers seat."


“Every Sunday I look forward to the Carrie Anne’s new content and everyone’s comments. You all pull me out of darkness, and my head, and help me get back on track. Thank you."

"I am returning to to this work after taking a short break. I have missed this space and the teachings so much. My life is full with 200 hour yoga teacher training, a web sound healing course, medical appointments, and life. In all of that, I need beauty and precious little treats like Carrie-Anne's offerings to remind me of my truth and essence so I don't forget who I am...who I divinely am. So glad to be back."