Why should you join?

  • Do you long for connection with other women and access to like-minded community?
  • Are you looking for inspiration?
  • Are you ready to learn something new and step outside your box?
  • Have you been wanting to learn more about meditation, or have someone help you create a meditation practice?
  • Does your life demand a lot of you?
  • Do you feel sometimes like there is too much on your plate?

If any of these ring true, then the Fierce Grace Collective is for you.

Join for one month, several months, or join us for the whole year. However you decide to do it, it will end up being just what you need. Once you join, you also gain exclusive access to the Fierce Grace Collective community of women where you can find conversation, questions, reflections, and support.

Monthly Membership


each month

For $39 a month you'll receive access to the Fierce Grace Collective and monthly materials. You can cancel at any time.

Monthly Offerings:

Videos (weekly)

Audio Visualization & Meditation

Creative Worksheet

Moon Calendar

Live Monthly Calls