The fierce grace collective

In this program, gain tools, wisdom, and community to create a life you love.

When we are caught up in the every day, it is easy to feel overwhelmed, disconnected, and scattered. Often we begin looking to things outside ourselves to make us feel better (shopping, gurus, food, wine). But I always say, you can’t judge your insides by another person’s outsides. And that means that you can’t find inner peace with someone’s outer shine.

This course will benefit you if you:

  • Have grown children and are looking for ways to empower yourself in this next chapter

  • Are a mother looking for ways to build sanity into your life so you don’t have to worry about it

  • Are feeling a pull toward freedom and sovereignty but don’t know where to start

  • Feel deeply connected to your emotions and the world but are lacking immediate, supportive community

  • Are craving women and wisdom in your life in higher doses

  • You’re feeling ready for “what’s next”

In this course, you will:

  • learn basic devotional and meditative practices that will help bring discipline and freedom to your life if you choose to implement them.

  • learn breathing and mantra techniques for when anxiety rises, and meditations to soothe your heart.

  • hear directly from Carrie-Anne about her daily practices, rituals, struggles, and wins

  • join a community of like-minded women who can relate to you and who are looking for the same thing you’re looking for. You’ll be able to connect with these women and start building a support system within the Collective.

  • begin to create feelings of freedom and fulfillment no matter what your situation is or what’s going on in your life. These simple tools and practices will begin to lift and liberate your spirit, allowing you to explore new levels of living.

  • learn about altar building as a tool for accountability and change

  • gain an entire repertoire of meditations, recipes, practices, and habits that will shift your perspectives without the struggle

The course

  • The course is broken into 12 themes that span the entire physical and energetic body.

  • Each month, Carrie-Anne leads a live webinar where you can join other women to ask questions and dive into essential conversations.

  • If you feel called, you can join our supplemental Facebook group to continue the conversation with other women

  • Join us any time and go through the information at your own pace.

  • Gain access to a supplementary Portal filled to the brim with videos from Carrie-Anne to help your journey

The portal

This is an online Portal filled with more information than you could imagine—and practices to expand your heart. Find ease in the everyday. When you sign up for the Fierce Grace Portal, you receive:

  • Lifetime access to our online portal—this is a members-only website that holds upwards of 80 videos to support your journey through the year using our monthly themes.

  • Yogic Pharmacy—The portal includes a Yogic Pharmacy filled with Kriyas and meditations led by Carrie-Anne. Choose one you like, or try them all.

  • Fierce Pharmacy—The Fierce Pharmacy is a library of videos and conversations from Carrie-Anne and other inspiring women examining important topics.

  • Bonus Content—Inside the Portal you’ll find downloadable audio visualizations, MP3s of Carrie-Anne’s meditations, healing recipes, and more.


  • A beautiful book—The Fierce Grace book is filled with writings by Carrie-Anne Moss and follows the foundational structure of your year. It is divided into 12 sections, 1 for each month. The book deeply enriches your journey through Fierce Grace, and you can choose to purchase it here.

Should I join Fierce Grace?

What we have learned is that this becomes a lifestyle.

It isn't a course, it isn't a training. There are no guarantees that you will become more spiritual or richer or more beautiful. Instead, it is simply a way of living. When you join the Collective, Fierce Grace begins to infiltrate your life and your days. You begin to notice the moon more; you clean a forgotten corner of your house to build a simple altar; you practice over and over again the art of patience, of reacting clearly and kindly, of compassion. 

If you'd like to incorporate something simple, strong, and connective into your life that guides you to your better self, then Fierce Grace is for you. If you are interested in learning something new, developing a very simple meditation practice, then Fierce Grace is for you. If you like to journal, reflect, dig deeper, seek revelations and implement them, then Fierce Grace is for you. 

Remember, you will get out of Fierce Grace what you put into it. It doesn’t change you unless you look it in the eyes and dance with it.

Returning members, click here.


Join me if this speaks to you

The world really doesn’t need another e-course,
Another circle,
Another collective.

I know that the over-saturation in my email box is in yours too.

As I watch TV and see the endless stream of advertising
and with eyes wide open I feel the selling of it all at the expense of the soul.

Can we share ourselves here on the portal of the internet without selling out?
I have no Interest in being part of that racket.

I share with you all because that’s how I grow and stretch and shift.
I share because I love reaching my hand out and saying, come with me.

Together we can rise beyond the limitation of our minds,
Of the stories we tell,
Of the cycles that we unconsciously continue even though we don’t want to.

The habits of the mind are sneaky and strong.

So I offer this Collective.
It is in alignment with what’s Important to me:

Truth and goodness

I invite you to join,
Not because I hold your answers, but because I, too, thrive on a supportive structure.
I, too, want to feel deeply connected to myself and my life.

No one holds that for me.
I have to do the work.
I have to face the parts of myself that are wounded and afraid,
The parts that are hiding and tired

Being steady today and everyday is paramount ::
It’s the foundation of everything
Not steady in the steely way,
But In a fluid way.

Steady in grace and grit.

There is a way through every block.
There is a way through every block.
There is a way through every block.

Join me if this speaks to you.
You are invited, and I’d love to take this journey with you.
No pressure, just space.

The Fierce Grace Collective.