How will this be different than the first year of the Fierce Grace Collective?

There are many similarities between the two years. This is not a new Collective, but rather a deepening of the Collective. We will be following the same themes and topics, and we will be revisiting a lot of the content. The message is the same, but the process is different. Rather than being on Teachable, we will now be hosting it on our own private site and so the layout and navigation will be entirely different. As well, we will be using 1 primary Kriya for the entire year as our practice, rather than using a different meditation each month. The reason for this is so that we can develop a deeper relationship with one practice and see how that transforms our lives. We will still have monthly calls with Carrie-Anne. We also now have a printed workbook which is new, and contains redesigned content and worksheets from the original collective. 

And if you were with us in the beginning, there is an organic element to the Collective each year making it a unique experience. This is because of Carrie-Anne's high level of involvement and communication with the group. 

I have a lot on my plate. How much time will this take out of my days?

The Fierce Grace Collective is more of a "place to go" rather than a course with a set curriculum and schedule. We've intentionally veered away from that structure because it was stressful. With the book and the online resources, it is a place you can go to learn what you want when you want. The community and the monthly calls are a huge part of the Collective as well. There really is no "time commitment" beyond what you choose to invest because we are giving up the "classroom" structure. We send weekly reminders to you so that you know we are walking along with you, but you won't "fall behind" or "miss out."

Where will the community be, if not on Facebook?

Annapurna Living has decided to part ways with Facebook as it no longer aligns with our business and heart-based ethics. In order to keep all the women connected on Fierce Grace, we are building a different kind of conversation community that will be hosted by a 3rd party, but will be available inside our online portal. It will be easy to use as this is a priority to us. 

How does the book complement the program?

The book follows the same 12-part arc that comprises the themes of the Collective. Each chapter aligns with the theme of the videos in the portal, and then the monthly call discusses the current theme. The book includes writing from Carrie-Anne, worksheets, journal pages, and custom moon calendars for the year. Our themes are as follows:

  • Rooting In (groundedness, foundation)
  • Dance of the Poet (creativity, freedom, creating your dreams)
  • Temple Body (feeling strong in your body and anchored)
  • Beauty Emerge (opening the heart center, compassion, being your true self)
  • Alchemy Speak (creating your reality thru the words you speak, truth)
  • In Her Light (intuition and 3rd eye, listening to your inner voice)
  • Wonder Woman (connecting with the moon, learning about the moon)
  • Venus + Gold (nourishing the modern goddess, letting go of old ideas about goddess)
  • Holding Home (home and kitchen, nourishment through home and food)
  • Radiance Awaken (discovering and cultivating inner beauty)
  • By the Fire (feeding your inner fire, creating community, preparing for a new year)
  • I Am (implementing our tools, integrating lessons into life, being who you truly are, knowing you have everything you need)

How much time does this take?

This truly is more of an experience and resource than a course. That means there is no "curriculum" that you need to follow. While there is material to get through, you can go through it at your own pace. Each week, we will send an email out that lets you know what material is relevant this particular week, but you can check on it whenever works for you. Having the book as your guide also makes it easier to anchor and move through the course, so that you aren't always trying to remember something that's online or in your email. 

What is the online portal?

The online portal is a custom made, private web portal where you will have access to dozens of videos from Carrie-Anne Moss. The videos include inspiring conversations, musings and information; and there will be a "Yogic Pharmacy" where we will host several meditation videos from Carrie-Anne. Also on the portal will be our primary Kriya, which will guide us through the entire year. 

Do you ship the book to international customers?

Yes we do! However, we will have you order the book directly from our printer and they will handle all international shipping. Because of this, we will reimburse you for the cost of the book; we will process the refund from your enrollment fee. Please email us about this!

Can I order the book but not join the Collective?

Yes. This option will be available soon. 

What is your cancellation policy?

You may cancel within 30 days of the course beginning. However, the cost of your book and its shipping are not refundable.