In the world of Fierce Grace, intention is everything.


Fierce Grace Collective Course Book

The Fierce Grace Collective course book gathers the experience of the every-day woman and puts it into a transformative manual to guide you through the year. Following a 12-month curve, the book nourishes, uplifts, and inspires women as they strive to sustain projects, businesses, families, and lives.

Practice, devotion, discipline, and creativity act as primary guideposts in each module of the book. Born from Carrie-Anne's original online Fierce Grace Collective, this book is filled with heartfelt writings, elegant exercises and inspiring stories to ignite the lives and hearts of women around the world. The book includes stories, charts, journal pages, meditative resources, worksheets, letters and writings from Carrie-Anne Moss, and gorgeous photos from photographer Michelle Gardella.

NOTE: A free PDF of this book is provided for all registrants of the Fierce Grace Collective, but the physical book is a separate purchase. You do NOT need to join the Collective to purchase the book. It can also be bought as a stand-alone resource to guide you through the year.


Fierce Grace Journal 2019


This Journal follows the lunar new year for 2019, beginning on February 4th, 2019 and ending on January 24, 2020. The Journal is inspired by the Fierce Grace Collective and has a theme for each month throughout the year. Filled with inspirational quotes, uplifting writings, moon phases, and artwork, the journal will be a trusty companion for anyone who loves charting time in a new way and paying attention to what shapes the fabric of our lives.


Softness is when I surrender to what is and at the same time keep moving forward.
— Carrie-Anne Moss