Week 2


I want to explore alongside you the idea of vibration: our homes are meant to be our havens.

Haven (n): a place where you are protected; a place that offers favorable conditions.

Let’s start at the entry way. When guests arrive at our home, they step into our entry way first. It is here that we exchange the first hug or the final goodbye, the greetings with loved ones or visitors from afar. It is the place of reception.

Often I walk into my home and there are shoes everywhere, bags dumped on the ground, and it is total chaos. I often feel a dread when I see the mess and I begin to write a story in my head about careless children and how no one helps out around here etc., etc. Lately I have been able to transform that story into deep service: the straightening of it becomes a spiritual service. It is not just an offering to my family or messy children, but a meditative offering to myself, and an offering and honoring to my home. I believe there is a symbolism in each part of our house, and cleaning or embracing the entryway to our home can often lift up the entry way into our hearts as well.

Even if you live in a tiny place that feels kind of “blah” or even depressing to you … whatever your situation is, we are going to bring our care and attention to raise the vibration of our homes. Space is HOLDING HOME: PART 2 HAVEN like a blank canvas and we can transform it at any time.

I want my home to feel good for me, for my family, and for anyone who walks in that door. For me, that doesn’t mean perfection—not at all. It doesn’t mean matching, immaculate furnishings or high style. For me it means deep love and raising the vibration.

Making a home is simply an everyday exercise in these two things: deep love. Raising the vibration. There is a feeling we get when we come home—that feeling of “ahhhhhhhh.” The sigh of arrival. The urge to change into something more comfortable. Sometimes there is the greeting from dogs, children, loved ones. There is, without a doubt, the messes all around. The dirty dishes, the cluttered tables...these things exist in cycles without end. But there is a beauty in it. The beautiful mess of life reminds us that we are alive, that we have a bountiful existence, and that we have a home to hold us up.


Your Favorite Place

I love my kitchen table. It is my altar, my gathering place, and the space I truly love. Is there a place like this for you in your house? Write in your journal about your favorite place in your home. It can be a whole room, or just a corner. Conjure the feelings that you have when you’re in it, and write about why you love it. What aspects of this space speak to you? Does it heal you, nourish you, fill you up? Feel free to draw or collage as well, whatever inspires you most.

Use your creation as a reminder of what makes you feel best when you create your space and your home.