Week 4


It’s the little things that make our homes so comfortable and loving. Someone once told me that the reason it always feels so good to come home is because home is where we can be ourselves the most.
— Carrie-Anne Moss

I love imagining holding my home in my heart and my home holding my heart. They need each other. They both need me present to my space, to what I need, and to what is lighting me up.

There’s nothing in our home that is off limits; everything is meant to be touched and used. Our couch is old and a little worn; we curl up in its corners, run fingers over our history that has woven itself into the fibers of each cushion. The beds are covered with soft sheets that invite a deep and peaceful sleep. The table in our kitchen is beat up and scratched but I love it this way; every mark and dent holds a memory. I sit at one end and my beloved on the other. I have used the same chair for almost 8 years. It’s this safe and sweet spot for me, like slipping into a soft sweater that I’ve owned forever.

Homes and houses are imperfect. Their beauty lies not in their cleanliness or in shiny new furniture. Home is a story. We are part of it. Everything we own is a part of it. There is history, comfort, love, memory, nostalgia … anything you can think of, it’s probably embedded somewhere in our home.

Home is about heart and connection and happiness, and about that space where we can feel safe to be ourselves and live our truth. It’s about nourishing through food and through peaceful space. It’s about creating joy by simply existing where we belong, and appreciating the view.


Vibrate the cosmos and the cosmos shall clear the path.

We can change the energy by putting music on. Music has a sound current which is a vibration.

I play Kundalini yoga music all the time in my kitchen. I love this music, but it also has an energetic purpose. The mantras have a vibration in sound and words. I pick the music that I need or my family needs. You may walk into my house and notice the music, but before long you stop noticing it and you just feel more relaxed because your parasympathetic nervous system is responding to the sound. Notice the music you play: How does it feel? How does it sound?

This week, bring music into your life where it might not be. Can you put it in your kitchen, or your bedroom? Does one of your children need some Kundalini music during homework hour?