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If you are ready to transform and elevate your life and tune into your inner wisdom, this program is for you. Filled with dozens of videos, guided meditations, and bonus resources from Carrie-Anne Moss, the Fierce Grace Collective is designed to be a tool to help you transform and empower your life. Through this work, the simple becomes the majestic and you will unlock your inner wisdom and strengths in ways you haven’t before.

Epic video library and Yogic Pharmacy

Epic video library and Yogic Pharmacy

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Guided visualizations and meditations

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PDF worksheets + other resources


When you enroll in the next 60 minutes, you’ll get $150 off the price of the Collective!

Being able to connect with like-minded souls through the fierce grace community has been so valuable. I have found meaningful friendships with some amazing women here! Thank you for providing this space.
— K.
Since joining the Collective, I have been so overwhelmed with feelings of love and togetherness. All of the women here have been amazing. I have never smiled so much and I have been taking such better care of myself since I found this Collective.
— S.

What is the Fierce Grace Collective?

The Fierce Grace Collective is a 12-month program created by Carrie-Anne Moss. The course is founded on principles of sharing tools for community, nourishment, and wisdom to help you connect to your life. When you join, you receive access to a private classroom filled with videos and meditations from Carrie-Anne, as well as access to tons of bonus materials, 12 PDF worksheets, and inspirational tools. We also have a Facebook peer group that you may join to build community and connect with other women in the program if you so desire.

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In this collective:

  • We ground with simple Kundalini Yoga meditations and visualizations.

  • We explore how to live a life that we love because it is coming from within us and from within our souls.

  • We anchor in a simple practice.

  • We explore what nourishment looks like.

  • We witness where we are depleted and we find simple and sincere ways to nourish ourselves.

  • We move into freedom by connecting with other women and learning that whatever we are feeling, we aren’t alone.

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We Explore:









Carrie-Anne, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this Collective. You are a true teacher and I thank you. You have and continue to give so much to all of us women.
— O.

This collective will benefit you if you ARE:

  • Looking for ways to empower yourself in the next chapter of your life.

  • Looking for ways to build sanity into your life so you don’t have to worry about it all the time.

  • Feeling a pull toward freedom and sovereignty but don’t know where to start.

  • Feel deeply connected to your emotions and the world but are lacking immediate, supportive community.

  • Craving women and wisdom in your life in higher doses.

  • Feeling ready for “what’s next.”

In this program, you will:

  • Learn basic devotional and meditative practices that will help bring discipline and freedom to your life if you choose to implement them.

  • Learn breathing and mantra techniques for when anxiety rises, and meditations to soothe your heart.

  • Learn from Carrie-Anne about her daily practices, rituals, struggles, and wins.

  • Join a community of like-minded women who can relate to you and who are looking for the same thing you’re looking for.

  • Create feelings of freedom and fulfillment no matter what your situation is or what’s going on in your life.

  • Learn about altar building as a tool for accountability and change.

  • Gain an entire repertoire of meditations, recipes, practices, and habits that will shift your perspectives without the struggle.

The structure:

  • The course is broken into 12 themes that span the entire physical and energetic body.

  • If you feel called, you can join our supplemental Facebook peer group to continue the conversation with other women.

  • Join us any time and go through the information at your own pace.

Carrie-Anne, you have changed my life….which is changing my home, husband, children and probably the world. It had not been my expectation. But yes, oh yes, you make a difference!
— L.L.

our 12 themes:

  • Rooting In (groundedness, building a foundation)

  • Dance of the Poet (creativity, freedom, creating your dreams)

  • Temple Body (feeling strong and anchored in your body)

  • Beauty Emerge (opening the heart center, compassion, being your true self)

  • Alchemy Speak (creating your reality through the words you speak)

  • In Her Light (intuition and 3rd eye, listening to your inner voice)

  • Wonder Woman (connecting with the moon, learning about the moon)

  • Venus + Gold (nourishing the modern goddess)

  • Holding Home (nourishment through home and food)

  • Radiance Awaken (discovering and cultivating inner beauty)

  • By the Fire (feeding your inner fire, creating community, preparing for a new cycle)

  • I Am (implementing tools, integrating lessons, knowing you have everything you need)

Thanks to this Collective, I’ve recently had a huge shift in my marriage. I’ve gone from a place of disconnect, sadness, anger and blame, to a place of hope, appreciation, love and support. I can’t believe it...but I want more, and I’m convinced this work will allow me to continue to unfold the beauty that is. Thank you, Carrie-Anne!
— A.

Simple tools to navigate the times

There is no easy way to thrive in these modern times. We have jacked up nervous systems and raging cortisol levels ignited by lifestyles that push and grind.

I created the Fierce Grace Collective because I knew that the way I was living was unsustainable. I felt burned out and worried about everything.

This is daily work. This is not a quick fix. This is day after day, step after step, breath in breath out. We start, we stall, and we start again. We succeed, we fail, and we forgive ourselves. This is not a race. This is your life and it deserves and needs you to care about YOU.

You are enough. You have everything you need within you.

What we have learned is that this becomes a lifestyle.

When you join, there are no guarantees that you will become more spiritual or richer or more beautiful.

Instead, it is simply a way of living.

When you join the Collective, Fierce Grace begins to infiltrate your life and your days. You notice the moon more; you clean a forgotten corner of your house to build a simple altar; you practice over and over again the art of patience, of reacting clearly and kindly, of compassion. 

If you'd like to incorporate something simple, strong, and connective into your life that guides you to your better self, then Fierce Grace is for you.

If you are interested in learning something new, developing a very simple meditation practice, then Fierce Grace is for you.

If you like to journal, reflect, dig deeper, seek revelations and implement them, then Fierce Grace is for you. 

Remember, you will get out of Fierce Grace what you put into it. It doesn’t change you unless you look it in the eyes and dance with it.


Thank you for offering a positive way of looking at the world and myself as well as tools to become my best. I have gotten through this challenging year with more grace than I thought and more growth than I imagined, thanks to Carrie-Anne and this Collective.
— M.
  • The Fierce Grace Collective is a community of women led by Carrie-Anne Moss.

  • Information is self-paced and held in a private, premium members-only classroom.

  • When you join, you’ll receive access to the Fierce Grace Portal which is an extensive library of resources and videos to support your journey through Fierce Grace.

  • Use the videos and other content to create structure in your life that sets you free from overwhelm and loneliness.

  • Connect with other women and build community in our members-only Facebook group.


Why Join?

  • Do you long for connection with other women and access to like-minded community?

  • Are you looking for inspiration?

  • Are you ready to learn something new and step outside your box?

  • Do you crave freedom and fulfillment?

  • Have you been wanting to learn more about meditation or devotional practices?

  • Does your life demand a lot of you?

  • Do you feel sometimes like there is too much on your plate?

  • Are you ready for sovereignty over your life?


If you answered yes, then the Fierce Grace Collective is for you.

All materials and information provided in the Fierce Grace Collective are for educational purposes only. The Fierce Grace Collective and the materials in it are not meant to replace therapy treatments or any other kind of mental/physical health or professional treatments. The Fierce Grace Collective and its materials are designed to uplift and inspire students through education and the sharing of information. All ideas and practices introduced in the Fierce Grace Collective are suggestions, and students should do only what feels best to them. Additionally, comments and discussion in student forums do not represent the ideas or views of the Fierce Grace Collective or of  Annapurna Living.

Please take care of your body and only do what feels right for you. This circle and our practices are not meant to replace therapy or anything you already do for your well being. Truly this space is here to uplift and inspire you. Take care of yourself and seek professional support if you need it. Always listen to your body. Please consult your doctor before undertaking any of the exercises in this program. Annapurna Living is not responsible for any injury or illness that may occur from the use of this program.