Moon Tutorial

Full Moon Painting Tutorial

We are so happy that our friend Robyn Wolfe from Waldorfish has graced us this month with a tutorial on how to paint her beautiful full moons. If you follow her on Instagram, you may have seen these. And now you'll get to learn to do one on your own. For this tutorial, please watch the intro video first and gather your supplies. 

If you end up painting any moons, please take pictures and tag #fiercegracecollective (or email them to us) so we can see what you all create!

Supply List:

  • circular object, to trace

  • watercolor paper (ideal is 140lb/300gm weight - this is listed on the cover of most watercolor pads)

  • white, liquid acrylic paint

  • watercolor paint palette

  • metallic paint (either watercolor, or liquid acrylic)

  • watercolor brush, round tip

  • regular pencil/eraser

  • paint rag/paper towel

  • rinse water jar

You are welcome to purchase these supplies from your local or favorite retailer, and Waldorfish has an Amazon shop to make things easy. Robyn and Carrie-Anne both love the watercolors from Wildthorne, and there's a simple watercolor palette in the Amazon shop as well. 

About Robyn:

Robyn is currently working as an illustrator and as the manifestor of the creative vision held by the Waldorfish team. Working out of the premise that life is short (but sweet!), she empowers soul-filled teachers & families to (re)find their JOY in teaching and making art.