My Year of Fierce Grace changed my life. I look forward to continuing to work with a teacher who lives what she teaches and who inspires me to stretch myself.
— Cherie


"I am so excited that you are offering a year of Fierce Grace again in January! I've been here since the beginning and have so loved and needed the inspiration and wisdom I have found here in this Collective. I know I am a better mother, wife and friend because of what I have learned and implemented in my everyday life." 


"Oh my gosh, Yes! I can't wait for the Fierce Grace Collective. There have been many others I could have studied with (and have) but this will continue to be my go-to for deep, everyday nourishment and practice and growth. Thank you , thank you, thank you."


"I am so ecstatic that the Fierce Grace Collective is returning! I was just thinking how it dull I would feel without Carrie-Anne's nourishing guidance and gentle reminders every month...the Fierce Grace Collective has provided me with just the right lift every month to add sparkle to my days."


"I wanted to say thank you for this beautiful amazing program! Joining the Fierce Grace Collective was my best 2016 decision. It has been a tremendous resource. I don't always have time to post or hear the calls live, but I always find inspiration and support. I have learned a lot about 'the gift of discipline' and truly appreciate Carrie-Anne's strong advocacy for simplicity. How refreshing!"


"Up until recently since being a part of the Collective I think that I really wasn’t paying attention to my life. I was living it and I thought I was living it well, but in truth I was just going through it and sometimes barely making it. I don’t mean financially, but physically, mentally and emotionally. I was there and smiling at times but really disconnected. I never really paid much attention to the moon until recently...Slowly, one step at a time and each week with the Collective I see progress. Wow, what I could not see before is so clear to me. I cannot imagine going back to not knowing and not being present. I want to know how this relationship with the moon can grow and how I fit in here. Thank you so much for this, thank you to Carrie-Anne and to all the women in the Collective who have shared and continue to share, it is so helpful. I feel like I have a new pair of glasses and can see things more clearly now. I am smiling."


"The Fierce Grace Collective has been nothing but a tiny BIG miracle for me. When I first came to the Collective, I was very disconnected and looking for support to find and nourish my soul (finding my core). Being completely transparent and honest—there was a lot of resistance on my part. Somewhere along the line, something clicked, and I began unraveling the layers of resistance, day by day, layer by layer. I have a lot of work to do, but for the first time in a very long time I feel the seed of light stirring in my center and it's being to radiate outward. From the deepest part of my heart, thank you!" 


"Carrie-Anne’s brilliant and clear instructions on the meditations felt empowering to me, and I began to make them a focus of my grounding each day. I was surprised at the ease with which creativity, ideas, and energy started pouring into my life. I love how Carrie-Anne described Kundalini Meditation as technology for our lives, because it truly is! Thank you deeply, Carrie-Anne for sharing this with us!"