Paula E.

"When I first heard about the Fierce Grace Collective, I was already meditating and doing yoga daily. I had a deep spiritual practise and I wondered—what I could truly gain from something like this? I knew that everything I needed was within me, and my job was to block the noise so I could hear the voice within clearly. Surely this was just more noise? How wrong I was! This course, and everything about the way Carrie-Anne delivers content, is quiet, graceful, and peaceful. The content takes me deeper into myself and, rather than adding to the noise, it helps me to get clear on where the noise is. I now consider Carrie-Anne to be my trusted spiritual teacher. Though we’ve never met, I adore her and I am so grateful for the peace that her teachings have brought to my life. I have done two rounds of the FGC and I will definitely be back for another. It’s no longer a question of what can I learn, but how deep can I go? I look forward to going deeper and deeper with every incarnation of the FGC. I love this work. Thank you.”

—Paula E.

La La

“This Collective has changed/rocked my world forward and back, in and out. I learned to trust myself and my intuition. I am very structured, consistent, unwavering and fierce when it come to my practice and Sadhana. It is this devotion that saved me years ago and freed me from depression and self-loathing. It was this collective that held space for me. I practice daily no matter what because I am a magnificent women ready to bloom. I am blessed beyond the moon and the stars and am so grateful to feel so darn Fierce and so full of Grace. Thank you Carrie-Anne and Sadie. Sat Nam to all.”

—Lauren L.

Georgia Gardener

“When my kids were little, there were always playdates and lots of other mothers around to share  ‘mom’ experiences with. Now, my kids are grown, and I found myself longing for that connection with other women who shared similar interests and my ‘outside the box’ thinking. I was looking for my tribe. Right about that time, through some magical synchronicity, I stumbled upon Carrie-Anne and information about the Fierce Grace Collective. I don’t think I’ve ever signed up for anything so quickly! It has been a godsend, such a blessing! I am so grateful to share this space with so many beautiful women from all around the world.”

—Georgia G.


“I just want to share how grateful I am to be a part of Fierce Grace Collective. It is truly an amazing experience. It has done something that, as a mom to 3 little boys I thought was impossible, it has brought a deep and rich morning practice to my days. The beautiful simplicity of the practice and the guidance has been life changing. I feel like a completely different woman energetically. It has guided me away from a rigid view of my spirituality to one of softening with discipline. I feel lighter, softer, stronger and more at ease in my life. This is what I have been craving. The powerful, beautiful and supportive community of women, and Carrie-Anne’s loving and wise support has truly helped me to navigate a very chaotic year. I am so thankful. I truly can’t describe this beautiful experience and it’s impact on my life but I want to always be a part of it.”


Carly Franklin

“As I have reviewed the content of the course, participated in the calls, and read the beautiful real world journal, I have noticed the most subtle and quiet changes within myself over the past months. I've found myself rising up to become more confident, really coming into that ‘Fierce Grace’ that I craved in Carrie-Anne. I've been able to deal more calmly and lovingly with my family, I've made new friends, I've come to know myself better, and have found a direction in life that I was searching for. The Fierce Grace Collective was a firm and loving hand holding mine for the past year, and I have loved every moment and every realization. Many thanks to all of you ladies involved in bringing this wonderful experience to all of us!”

—Carly F.

Carla S.

“I want to thank both Carrie-Anne & Sadie for providing the safe haven that the Fierce Grace Collective has provided me; I found you guys a few years back, and in varying degrees, you have aided in my recovery from stage-three ovarian cancer. All is well, and I am now very thankful for many blessings, but one of them is you, Carrie-Anne, my meditation/ritual teacher & "keep it simple" guru!”

—Carla S.