Paula E.

"When I first heard about the Fierce Grace Collective, I was already meditating and doing yoga daily. I had a deep spiritual practise and I wondered—what I could truly gain from something like this? I knew that everything I needed was within me, and my job was to block the noise so I could hear the voice within clearly. Surely this was just more noise? How wrong I was! This course, and everything about the way Carrie-Anne delivers content, is quiet, graceful, and peaceful. The content takes me deeper into myself and, rather than adding to the noise, it helps me to get clear on where the noise is. I now consider Carrie-Anne to be my trusted spiritual teacher. Though we’ve never met, I adore her and I am so grateful for the peace that her teachings have brought to my life. I have done two rounds of the FGC and I will definitely be back for another. It’s no longer a question of what can I learn, but how deep can I go? I look forward to going deeper and deeper with every incarnation of the FGC. I love this work. Thank you.”